Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Morning! And if I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

1. For me, I feel that my essay is strong in the sense that I think people could easily relate to it and I think that my voice is really shown through the diction. I think it's funny in an almost satirical way because it pokes fun at Catholic, private schools and how ridiculous they can be. After nine years there, I think I'm entitled to poke some fun. Plus they were just asking for it. Having the Archbishop come to school to bless a playground? Come on... Also the fact that a lot of kids got seriously hurt on that playground after it had been blessed is just down right ironic.

2. I think reading is important to writing because by reading a variety of books, you can get a feel for all of the different styles of writing that are out there. You can see which ones you like and which ones you don't in order to help you determine what style you want to write in. Also I feel that reading helps increase your vocabulary and can help make you more articulte, depending on the book that is. If you're reading Hop on Pop, I don't think it'll as that much. In addition, I think reading can open up a whole new world for people and can increase creativity. I think the Harry Potter series is a great example of this because J.K. Rowling created a new world, characters, creatures, words, spells... etc. She also integrated some things from history and shaped them in a way that fit the story. So I guess reading can also help people learn a little about history as well by reading literature.

3. I'd have to say that my favorite part about creative writing this year has been the poetry unit. I wrote my favorite pieces of work in that unit and I enjoy writing poetry because it's simple, there's no length requirement, and you can rhyme : ) My favorite piece would have to be my poem about the puppet show because it was fun to look at a picture and make up a story for it. The most difficult thing this year was probably the personal essay or the "scary" short story we had to write because I'm not that good at writing short stories and I don't really know how to build suspense. Also the personal essay was difficult because you really had to reflect on yourself and your past experiences. But overall I had fun this year/ semester : )

4. Diet coke, lil' wayne (fa sho), Arby's, ? (T-bell and chipotle are both mmm mmm good), MTV, Flo Rida, ? (I've never been to NY or LA), I have absolutely no idea what I'd name my kids because I don't want to have any at this moment and thus haven't thought about it, Italy, Lion Kings all the way baby!

5. ? no idea

Monday, January 7, 2008

Bob Blah's Law Blog

1. I would have to say that my guiding principle is not to be a burden for other people. I have friends who have problems and while I'm always there to take care of them and watch over them, it's not always the most enjoyable experience, especially when they won't listen to you and seek help for their problems. I see some of the things they do and instead of enticing me to do the same thing, I look at them and try not to be like that. I want people to want to be around me, risk free. I want to be a person that people come to and think of as a fun person and not a "Debbie".

2. Well at the moment I can't think of a news event that has happened in the past year that has changed me or has has an impact on my life. However, yesterday I went to the Mall of America, to see the cheer competition, and while I was there a man jumped from the parking ramp and died. It was the most surreal experience I've ever had. At first when I heard about it, I didn't believe it. But when my friends and I tried leaving, security was blocking the exit and they were telling people to "kep moving". Eventually we went up one level, where there was less security, and we were able to see the body. Although it was covered by a sheet, you could still see the blood and the feet. I've seen dead bodies countless of times in the movies, but seeing an actual one, I had no idea what to think. Also, when we walked back inside the competition was still going on and it seemed as if no one really knew what had just happened right outside the entrance. The whole thing just made me think of how precious life can be and how easily it can be lost.

3. My 2008 goal is to get into the best shape of my life. While I know this is the biggest cliche for a new year's resolution, this is my ultimate goal. I want to be able to run more than 5 miles... with ease. I probably could now, but I'd probably pass out at the end of it. My plan is to just basically run and run A LOT. I'll probably alternate running on a treadmill with running on an eliptical or using the bike. While I know the eliptical isn't very aerobic (sp? don't care...) it's fun : )
And the bike is nice because then I can sit on my as-- butt.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My thoughts about my play and such

1. The limitation that I had the most trouble with was the length. At first I had an idea for the play, but it was just too hard and too complex to write unless I wrote 30 or more pages. Then I thought of another play idea, the one I ended up using, but when I typed it up, it wasn't quite five pages. SO I ended up having to add lines, while not bad, they just didn't flow with the rest of my dialogue.

I don't really see myself getting involved with writing any more plays or any of its sister forms. My older brother, who is at college and studying theatre, is more apt to do something like that. I on the other hand will stick to poetry. Why? because it's not complicated, but it can be if you want it to be. Also it rymes and can be any length you want. It can tell a stroy or not tell a story. Ultimately there aren't too many regulations when it comes to writing poetry and that's why I like it.

2. Oh the endless possibililties of what I could write about... my life is just one big book of short stories... not really. I'm not completely sure as to what I'd want to write about. I could write about the time when I was 5 and I went to the Mall of America for the first time. That was quite the experience because I ran into those big, glass doors. However, there's not really a theme in that story unless you count "make sure there's not a glass door in front of you before you run down a hallway" a theme. Most likely I'll end up writing about my first day at South View because it was probably the biggest change I've had so far. Although I think the transition to college will top that.

3. If I could give advice to a 10-year-old child, I would tell him or her not to worry. I would say go just have fun with your friends and not worry a lot about school because at this point in your life, grades don't matter. However, that doesn't mean he or she should blow off school entirely. They should try their best, but if they don't get the grade they want, don't stress out about it. Also, I would tell him or her to stick with what they're doing. Whether it's an instrument, sport, or hobby, they should keep up with it. Even if they don't like it and don't want to put the time into it, just keep doing it because later in life you'll be glad you did. For example, I wish I had stuck with the piano because now I wish I could play anything and everything with ease. I also wish I had stuck with swimming and tennis because those are things you can do for the rest of your life. Oh and I'd tell them to work hard from 9th grade to 11th grade because those are the most crucial years of their whole education. Personally, I didn't work as hard in 9th or 10th grade as I should have and now I wish I had. I also wish I would have prepared for the ACT and SAT more. So I'd also tell them to prep early for those. And that would be pretty much all I would tell them. As for drinking, using drugs, and sex, I'd tell them to just be smart about it.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Creation... God vs. the "Big Bang" vs. Luigi Pirandello

1. Yes and no. I think there can be a theme or a moral in pieces of writing, but I don't think you necessarily need one to express an idea. Although, when there is a theme I think the piece has the potential to have more depth and enrichment than one that does not have a specific theme. However, some pieces that don't intentially have a meaning can end up impacting people in such a way it is as if it did. I feel like books and plays and poems can just tell a story without a set theme and it can still be "great". It's just up to each individual person to determine what they get out of it and whether or not it's worthwhile and inspiring. Plus I think certain themes can be stupid and meaningless/cliche anyway.

2. I have absolutely no idea why certain pieces of literature stay around longer than others. I do however think that it could be because of the piece's fame and popularity. If everyone makes a huge fuss over it, many people will probably read it and talk about it "for years to come". Also I think controversy and innovation can add to a piece's fame and popularity. For example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, was/is still a very controversial book. While I may think it is extremely boring, at the time it was written, it was extremely controversial and innovative and, guess what? It's still around today. I've even been required to read it twice for school. What a treat... Oh, and no. I could never see myself writing anything that would last that long because I don't see myself writing as a career.

3. Frankly I don't want to make a "lasting impact" as a writer. If I did write something I would just want people to read it, like it maybe, and just enjoy it. I would want my writing to be entertaining and fun. Maybe I would write comics or something, I don't know. What I do know is that I will probably not write much when I am older because I will proabaly end up as an accountant or a doctor of some sort. So unless it's a prescription, I probably won't write much. However, I would like to leave a lasting impact as a person. Maybe not to the world, but to the people around me. I want to be the best wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend I can be. Plus, if I do get into the health/medical field and maybe become a researcher of some sort, it would be cool to cure a disease. So if I could leave a lasting impact, I'd want to cure a disease. Oh and maybe I'd want to write some killer Haikus : )

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Metacognition... I think that's thinking about thinking...

1. I see A LOT of things in our society/world that concern me. I'm stressed out 24/7. One thing is the ever-present pressure of being perfect. While there may be different definitions of the word, the pressure is always there and the expectation is nearly never met. If it is met, there is the pressure of maintaining that perfection. I feel that this pressure is especially harsh on the females. You have to be thin, but not too thin and at the same time have enormous breasts and a nice butt, but not too big of breasts because otherwise you're considered a porn star. I think this pressure is ever present because the media is throwing images of "perfection" and the idea of the "perfect life" at us at a rapid rate.

2. My friend "Mary-Loo" is ALWAYS very positive and energetic. She's always doing something fun and there is never a dull minute when you are with her. She's also a very loyal and trustworthy friend because I know if I tell her something she wont make me feel stupid or spread it around to everyone else. I also know she wont bitch about me behind my back. Also she is extremely outgoing and that is definitely one thing I envy about her.

3. Oh my lord... there are so many books and movies that I love that have inspired me. Of course I love all the Harry Potter books because there are so many details and images in JK Rowling's writing and the plot was intricately woven. Those books make me want to be more imaginative and make me want to be a better creative writer. Secondly, I love the Augusten Burroughs books because the language is so raw and blunt. Not to mention the dark and witty humor. These books just make me think of things in a whole new light. As for movies, they're really for just entertainment. However, if you look at some of the story lines to them, some of them have absolutely fantastic plot lines and dialogs, which are somethings I need to work on in my writing. I just need to make my dialogs more natural sounding.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. Happiness is when you smile for no reason. All of a sudden you feel lighter, and you just can't help but like everything around you. You feel more peaceful with the world and with yourself.

2. Hanging out with my friends (boyfriend included) makes me happy because they're fun and we like to do a lot of the same things. Also they're not catty or mean. I love going out to eat at restaraunts like Big Bowl and Tiger Sushi at MOA. I also love staying in and watching movies or DVDs of my favorite television shows like The Office and Arrested Development.

3. I feel that my family has a lot of influence on my happiness, especially my mom because we tend to fight with eachother. Also, my brothers can help elevate my mood because, now that we're older, we get along better. It's only certain friends that have an impact on me. Some of them can be mean and so I get frustrated with them.

4. I think I definitely affect my parents and my siblings. I think that if we're all getting along we're all happy and vice versa. Also I think I have an impact on my friends and boyfriend because, again, if I'm in a good mood, the're in a good mood as well, but if i'm in a bad mood, which to be honest isn't always pretty, they might not be in such a good mood.

5. My greatest need in life is... to find my passion. I have no idea what I want to do when I'm older and with college coming up I feel stressed out. I just wish I could find what I was passionate about so I could go to college with a plan. If I could figure that out, I think I'd be a lot happier.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Quarter Reflection

1. So far I have enjoyed writing poetry because you have a lot of freedom with it. They can be short or long, and they can have different rhyme schemes, which I like. I have also enjoyed the writing prompts because they make me think and write about topics I wouldn't normally think or write about. In a way they challenge/push me in an intellectual way.

2. I think the two strongest pieces I've written so far have been my two poems, The Puppet Show and My Bestest Friend. I think these have been my strongest because I encorporated a lot of detail into them and they also had a plot or background story to them, which I think made them more complex than my other poems. I do feel that I have had a lot of inspiration for my poems and I feel that it is easier to be inspired to write poetry than a short story.

3. This quarter I have learned that I am a self-motivated writer, especially when I'm inspired. However, I do need to push myself when I'm not inspired or don't like the topic of which I am writing about. That's when it's the most challenging for me. I do like some structure because if there isn't any structure, the possiblilities are too vast and I'm too indecisive of a person to be able to pick one thing to write about.

4. I think non-fiction would be fun because I enjoy reading non-fiction and I think we've done a lot of fictional writing so far so I think it would be fun and refreshing to try something new. I also think writing a plat would be interesting because I definitely think it would be challenging.